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"You really are a stubborn little thing, aren't you?"…..

The rumbled words were really more of a statement than a question. That much, the seamstress knew……..

but that didn't stop her from letting out a very loud, very frustrated and very obvious sigh as she felt her world shift about again in a ripple of slick, slimy muscle and she was flipped head over heels once more to land, sprawled across the broad surface of the faron's tongue; grimacing as she lifted her left hand from a particularly large and thick puddle of drool.  

"Y-you could say that……" She grunted, attempting to shake thick strings of saliva from her fingertips, but they clung tightly. Not that it would have mattered anyway. She was soaked head to toe in the stuff, her thick skirts heavy with the giant's drool.

Another flick of his tongue sent her tumbling backwards and she gave a muffled squeak, flailing her arms to try and keep the bucking muscle from pushing her clear back towards the gaping entryway of his purring throat.
She scrambled to grab for the silver piercing in his tongue, but missed, only just barely managing to save herself by hooking the very tips of her fingers into the small spaces between the back set of molars. She could just barely keep her grip on the slick bone, but then again…she WAS stubborn, as the faron had just declared.

This seemed to amuse the big brute further….and his deep chuckle rumbled around her, his warm breath gusting over her with even more strength than before…….it wasn't the most pleasant of sensations….like being blasted by a hot, humid wind that reeked of saliva, innards and oddly enough…..peppermint. Again, not the most pleasant of sensations. But it could be worse. And sadly enough, she was afraid she was beginning to get used to this.

As she continued to cling on, fearing that if she gave up her grip she'd just fall straight back…the faron lifted his tongue again, the back of the muscle rising up beneath her rump with a small buck…and she bumped her head against the softer portion of his mouth's roof as a result.  It didn't hurt. But it wasn't nice either.

The seamstress' reply was a snarled, "H-HEY!!"

The Faron laughed again….but it was softer this time as his tongue lowered.
"oi…sorry~ My bad…" He purred…not sounding sorry in the least….but, this time when his tongue shifted, it was to nudge the seamstress towards the front of his mouth…rather than back towards the pulsing tunnel of his gullet…

Samira was all too glad of that…

"Your bad….damn straight it is!" The woman huffed as she was pushed once more, pitching forward in the near darkness to catch herself against the back of the giant's front teeth, feeling the smooth bone and the soft flesh of his gums against her fingers. Though everything just felt like a slimy blur to her at this point.

She growled to herself…if only she still had her scissors….it would be easy to plunge the sharp, silver tips into the vulnerable flesh of the giant's mouth.
Cut him deep and make him bleed. Probably not kill him…but she could certainly make him suffer before she faced her end. How many times had she entertained those thoughts already?...Though she doubted she could bring herself to act on them at this point, even if she HAD had her scissors with her.

Her vengeful thoughts were interrupted though when the wall of bone she was braced against shifted, parting as the faron spoke...and the human woman squeaked as she fell back a bit against the curve of his tongue, being treated to flashes of light…and several glimpses of the giant king's vast dining hall every time his teeth parted.

"So……………are you sorry, yet?"….His tone sounded much softer now…almost kind, really. Though, kindness was hard to believe of a giant. Especially a giant who had her locked up in his foul smelling jaws……..

"Sorry?..." the seamstress scrunched her face up in a  look of pure annoyance, no longer as daunted by her situation as she had been only a few weeks before. "No I'm not SORRY. I don't regret what I did…"

"What you tried t'do.." The Faron corrected.

Samira scowled. "Whatever."

The giant's response was a heavy weary sounding sigh…and again, Samira felt her soggy clothes and slimy hair whip around her form under the force of the warm gust.  

"When will you come to understand that there is no way fer you t'get back t'yer world, lass?.....I destroyed it myself……and only I can reopen tha path."

Frustration welled up in the woman's chest. A helpless, hopeless sort of frustration.
The shine of tears gathered in her violet eyes as she clenched her fists against the giant's tongue.
She clamped her jaw shut, biting at the insides of her lips, for fear she would say things that would only land her, and quite possibly the entirety of her race, in deeper trouble.

She hated what he said. Only because she knew it was true.

There WAS no way for her to return to her home. But that didn't stop her from trying…even if only to prove to him that she could escape his possession. Though, so far that'd been a complete failure.

In all honesty…her stay here in the Faron's world hadn't been as miserable as one would believe staying with giants would be.  In fact, at times she'd actually enjoyed herself here. Even enjoyed the giant's company. He was a bit brash and a little forward at times…but he was much more civil than she would have expected of a man eating savage. He had fine taste in art and music, probably knew more than she did…since she was merely a street commoner back home….

Actually, now that she thought about it…over the past month some of the conversations that she'd shared with the Faron had been some of the deepest and most meaningful that she'd had in her entire life of 23 years. At times she actually felt that she could view him as………….as a friend.

But it didn't take long for that silly notion to be shoved aside as she was reminded that she was no friend to the towering brute. She was a pet. A companion. Kept for entertainment…and for the sake of soothing the faron's dark desires to rampage and pillage her kind's homeworld.

She was no guest…she was a prisoner. Further proved by the fact that she was being punished for her attempts to escape….

She only wanted to get away to defy him. To prove to him that she wasn't some pet to be kept and coddled and punished. But she couldn't even manage that. Perhaps she was only meant to be a pet after all.

What a dumb lot in life.

"I know." She spat, not pleased by the truth in his words. "I know there isn't………..I just………wanna leave. I wanna go anywhere else. Anyplace but here."

"There is no "anyplace else"…" The faron's voice rumbled...and the seamstress felt herself rocked with the motion of his tongue as he spoke…. "you are bound to the Faron's land until I see fit to let you go elsewhere, Samira. Like it or not…you belong t'me."

The human replied again, "I know." Only this time there was no defiance in her tone….there was brokenness…hopelessness….a tone of surrender.

She belonged to him. She'd been given up…as a tribute. A sacrifice for the well being of the rest of the world. The others didn't want her. She'd been relented as a peace offering of sorts. Her own kind had betrayed her….

"Do you?"….he spoke once more…voice like distant thunder in the woman's ears.

She nodded.

"I do. I hate it. But I do….." She hung her head in shame, several tears slipping from her eyes to trail down her drool coated face.

"Hmm…" the faron closed his lips…and hummed in thought………the sound buzzing through her bones, rattling her to the core….and she twisted her hands in her lap, until it stopped and she looked up to see the giant's teeth part in a flood of light……and two large fingers slipped between his fangs to grasp for her, pulling her from the warm, humid air of his mouth and into the cold air outside.

She started to shiver…….only to find herself dry half a second later when  he cast a cleaning charm…and surrounded by warmth as she was settled into a giant palm……..

"Sir?..." The seamstress wrapped her arms around herself and looked up into the faron's face…fearing he might be even more upset now….

But rather than sternness or anger….he was looking at her rather curiously.

His green eyes flickered, like the wavering of a candle, as they flicked over her, seeming to study her a moment…..and she felt her face flush at the attention.

"Well…..I know you have yer reasons fer hatin me.." He spoke at last…and a weak smile cross his lips. "Just as I have my reasons fer keepin you, lass. I have no intentions of letting you go though. Not at this time, at least. Perhaps one day. When ya stop tryin to escape…" There was a more scolding type tone to his voice now.

Samira looked away, hunching her shoulders a little. She knew he was reprimanding her. That was obvious….but…..she was more amazed by the fact that she actually felt a little guilty for it.

"Yes. Heh……..right." She nodded…by that time she'd be a well behaved little pet……..he wouldn't want to let her go then. She was stuck here.

"So you understand, then?..." The giant lifted her closer to his face, holding the human so that they were on the same eyelevel.

She cringed a little….but looked up long enough to meet his eyes…..or rather, look into one of them….she couldn't look into both at once…they were much too large this close.

She curled her hands into fists within the folds of her skirt…defiance still raced through her blood, making her belly churn with unease…but her heart sank in her chest, knowing she didn't have much of a choice right now…

Besides…at least she was still alive. As long as she was alive…there was hope…………….right??

"……I……I do."

Then why did she feel as if she'd just committed herself to some lifelong covenant by uttering those words?

The faron's expression relaxed……..she could even feel the tension leave his palm beneath her…..and a smile found its way to the giant's lips.

"Good~" He purred…..and the seamstress found herself being stroked…pet by a curled finger….

She blushed and rolled her eyes…..but there was no denying that it did feel good. Very good. More proof of her destiny to be a pet. The thought made her groan inside….and her dwindling pride diminished even further.

"So…" The giant smirked…and his green eyes gleamed as he continued to pet her…slouching back into his chair while he relaxed. "Does this mean yer sorry fer what you tried t'do, now?"

"Hmmmmmmmmmm~ Not in the least~" Was the seamstress' reply as she smiled…and leaned into the faron's touch. Might as well enjoy what she could if she was to live a life like this.

The faron simply shook his head ….but there was a curve to his lips at the corners…."Oi…I figured as much….~"
Felt like uploading another story tonight ;w;
gosh, I have SO many little shorts and drabbles sitting in my documents. OTL This one is from about a month ago, and it's actually one of my personal favorites. I'm not really sure why, but...I just had a lot of fun writing it. Haha~

Finn is a devilish pred (yes that is Finn...his name isn't mentioned in the drabble, but it is him)..and he likes to toy with his "victims" when he noms em. Luckily, Samira isn't in any danger. He won't hurt her. He just likes to tease. =w=

This, is actually another little peek at the plot I have set for my steampunk Brave Little Tailor re-telling. Hence, why Samira is a seamstress in this one~UwU Told you there'd be some noms~ >w<

OH...and since this is another account, for those of you who aren't aware, the "Faron" are my race of can read more about em here ---> [link]
They are my babies, and I am highly possessive and protective of them. Please respect that ;w;

Samira belongs to my lovely dear :iconinkyqilin:
Finn, the Faron and story belong to me
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Mouthman-Prophecy Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Another very nice vore narrative. I especially like your treatment of the smells and feelings the tiny is experiencing. Let's face it, as much as you and I would both like to be inside a giant's (and in my case, giantess') mouth, the mouth is going to be very wet and sloppy and will smell very bad. Saliva and all the mouth bacteria are not the most pleasant smelling things. It would be a trade-off for how good it would feel. So again, excellent realism is all the sensory descriptions.
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
Oh gosh...ain't that the truth. TwT haha~ Being in a mouth for real would be absolutely disgusting. ;w;' I'd need a gas mask and air filter for sure. I can deal with the slime and general grossness, but I have a weak stomach when it comes to bad smells, so..that would be a problem for me.

Thanks though~ Detail is important. XD;
Mouthman-Prophecy Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I honestly think I could do it, if it were possible. The mouth would have to be imaculately clean (which from my microbiology experience I know is impossible). The slime and wetness I would be 100% down with. I'm still a few years away from getting my shrink ray working (the mouse I tested it on ended up coming out with 2 heads and a set of wings...that's up for sale on Ebay)

I'll ship you a shrink ray unit when I get it working ;P
le-petit-claudine Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh mygod something very inside of me sparkles everytime I read something with finn and sam x3 dunno they just make any day happy x//////////3
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
D'awwwwwwwwwwww~ ;/////w///////; I'm really glad that you enjoy them so much! >//w//<
le-petit-claudine Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
eyup. they have soooo much cuteness *w*
Osric90 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Professional Writer
XD Never actually thought about it 'till now... but it's true. The tongue piercing can be bad with all the nomming. ^^' If some desperate soul manages to grab and yank... ouch is the least to say. ;w;
That said... arg, girl all your snippets of obviously larger stories are making me go insane! No more teasers! I want a whole story! UwU
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
Bahaha oioi~ I don't think it'd be so bad. It's a barbell piercing...*shrug* no sharp parts to, it probably weighs a crapton. @u@; I don't think a human could yank on it too much, just cling to it mostly. ;w;

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!.........oi...yeah.........I know. OTL. I'm sowwy. ;3; so ebil...
Osric90 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Professional Writer
Probably... but there's always the strength of desperation! LIMIT BREAK! *is shot*
Yeah, unlikely. XD

So ebil indeed, kind lady. Stop keeping an Osric on edge! ;w;
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012
Bahaha oh gosh...yeeeeeeeeah...perhaps...maybe ;w;''

Lol maybe I like being ebil. >3 *devilish chuckle*
Osric90 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Professional Writer
Lol and I like, approve of and endorse evil... just not when aimed at me, girl. *-*
Made myself clear? X3
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
Pffft...oioi =w= Fffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.
inkyqilin Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Still love this story so much~ <3
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012
Chu!~ awwww ^//w//^ I'm glad, girly~ *huggles*
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