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Samira gasped…the jolt of energy making her entire body go rigid as it struck her….and her blade fell from her fingers to clatter against the stone, followed shortly by her body as she collapsed.
She felt no pain, but her muscles were taut and spasming some for the first few moments, making her clench her teeth at the intensity of it………..and then she fell limp, gasping for air….too exhausted to move even if she  unharmed otherwise.
He hadn't hit her with the intention of killing her…or even of maiming her…
Just a bit of a stun.

She should have known he would pull one of those.

Stupid bastard and his godsdamned magic…

A heavy sigh heaved over her head somewhere and she felt the gust of his breath sweep over her like a warm, peppermint scented wind……before his booming voice spoke up, echoing slightly off the vast stone walls around them.

"You know, I personally believe it's incredibly rude t'greet someone by tryin' t'stab yer sword inta their neck…………"

The voice, while huge…was deceptively smooth…almost musical. He had a gentle lilt in his accent…almost making it seem like he was singing rather than speaking.

"And here I thought we just might actually had a good chance of being friends…" Again, there was another gust as the unseen figure heaved a regretful and very disappointed sigh.

Samira cursed, her tongue feeling numb and heavy in her mouth from the jolt, but she forced herself to speak clearly, her rage and fury enough to help her.
"F-friends, my ass!........You know why I'm here!" She spat angrily.

The voice over her grumbled, the smooth tone deepening to a low rumble not unlike thunder…
"Of course I do. Still…was hopin' t'change yer mind. But……since ya seem so set on it, I s'pose we can carry on as it should go…."

Samira forced her weak, rubbery feeling fingers to curl into fists, her jaw clenching at how casual the brute sounded, but her rage was suddenly lost when massive fingers descended upon her, plucking her from the ground and she yelped, an involuntary whimper escaping her lips as she felt herself dangle so limply, looking down as the ground dropped away and she weakly reached for her blade, but it was long out of reach, her trembling hand grasping at the air for no reason at all.

"Oi now, girly…easy…….yer gonna hurt yerself."

"Fuck you!"….was all the woman answered with as she swung and dangled, still glaring down at the ground and the now teeny tiny silver speck that was her sword down below. She couldn't even focus enough to conjure up a summon with her shadow weaving abilities….she could see darkness past the flicker of torches, but without concentration the blackness was weak and thin….she could grant it no substance to it to use to fight.

Again…Damn the bastard and his godsdamnned magic!

"My my…you certainly are in a lovely mood today." The brute muttered dryly.

At that comment Samira FINALLY lifted her gaze, a fierce scowl crossing her face as she glared boldly into the face of her captor, finding herself staring into a massive set of green eyes.
He was a Faron.
A powerful and deadly race of giant…cunning and merciless hunters who preyed upon most of the smaller races whenever they got the chance. They were also known for their cruel love of games…the way they toyed with their victims before devouring them….usually alive and whole.

But Samira seemed entirely undaunted by the fact, and she continued to glare at the green eyed beast, ignoring the hungry glimmer in his glowing green eyes as he looked her over.  
"Lovely??...OHhhhhhh you haven't seen lovely yet, boyo…." She growled flatly, her glare fully making up for the limpness of the rest of her body. "I'm gonna put an end to you for good!"

The glowing eyes before her flickered, seeming to pulse with a vibrant energy as they narrowed to slits, and she felt a faint tingle in her limbs, her hair raising some as she felt a powerful thrum course against her where his fingers touched her sides….but nothing happened aside from that.

The giant spoke yet again, pulling her back from his face some…. "Oioi aye, you do seem rather set on doin that…na very much fun fer me though, as you can imagine. I'm na really quite ready to meet my end just yet, lass….I'm still plenty young. Got a good long life ahead of me assuming I can steer clear of yer sort, but even then…you've dropped inta my home all uninvited like, so I can't even manage t'do that…." The giant grunted, sounding far less than pleased. Though, who wouldn't be when someone had broken into their home to try and kill them…

Samira squirmed a little, her arms and legs prickling with that sort of pins and needles feeling one often got after their foot has fallen asleep and the blood circulation has begun to flow properly once more. Only, her whole body felt that way now. It was an intense and mostly unpleasant experience and she hissed another curse as she froze once more to try and minimize the intensity of the prickling under her skin.

"All you slayers are so alike ya know…no offense. But it's becomin rather predictable…..ya do realize yer tha second one to come by this week aye??" The faron rumbled flatly, his dark red brows lowering over his gleaming eyes. "Though I like you far more than that cheeky lil' bastard….. his attitude was even worse than yers, if ya can imagine it." He snorted, then shook his head. "I must be quite the terror with a sizeable bounty on my head t'bring such pleasant visitors droppin by tha castle so often."

Samira seethed…he knew full well the bounty on his head….
One of the biggest bounties ever known in the history of the entire kingdom.
That's why she'd spent the past 2 years tracking him…trying to put an end to it once and for all….
She was so close now…and yet so far.

She looked down towards her blade again…hardly even able to see it from up at this dizzying height…she had to be up over 100 feet since the monstrous brute was standing straight.

Yes…so close…but so very far. As always.

A long moment of silence dragged on, before the giant seemed to tire of it…and he rumbled.
"Well then, if you still plan on tryin t'kill me, I can continue with my response….?" He trailed off as if in question, waiting to hear her plan…

"I WILL end you, Finnigan….trust me…" The human snarled, using his name, squirming again as she began to regain some of the feeling in her limbs again, and her strength began to return, the shadows beyond the firelight starting to stir under her influence…but so long as the fire was still lit she wouldn't be able to do much good…….

The giant, Finnigan, gave an almost pleased sounding rumble at her answer and to see the way the darkness rippled and flexed further past the torchlight…and he laughed. The sound of it was oddly chilling. It was a rumbling sound…not unlike the sound of a coming storm with the rolling of approaching thunder.  
"Ahh well, then~ let's carry on with this…"fight"." He grinned toothily, his lips pulling back to bare his huge, white teeth in a broad smile.

Teeth strong as boulders…but sharp and wicked as swords.  
One good snap….and she would be sliced in half, or ground into paste…

But still, the slayer showed no fear. Her pride and strength shone through the gleam in her own violet eyes as she continued to glare at him.
"You  swallow me, giant and I will use the darkness within your own belly to rip you open!"…

Finnigan only smiled wider, the rows of white bone parting as he spoke. "Oh, no worries…I already thought of that, lass……which is why, my little light here will be keeping you company~" He purred in pleasure as he whispered a spell….and his magic flared up around the shadow weaver, covering her in a glow of green and silver, the light remaining around her even as the green seeped into her clothes and skin…

Dammit. He was a clever bastard.
He learned quickly.
"Well…………Fuck." Samira slumped her still weak feeling shoulders, looking down at her now glowing form…he'd practically just turned her into a live, breathing magelight.

"Hmmm…tsktsk, sweetheart, a lady shouldn' use such harsh language." The giant rumbled reproachfully as he lifted her closer to his face once more, his green eyes gleaming brighter than ever as he looked her over…

The Shadow weaver's only response was an extremely rude hand gesture…followed by a snarled "Go to Hell, giant."

"Oh, such a charming lass you are…." The faron rolled his eyes, but smiled as he held the human before his face. "I'll na keep you waitin any longer then…….I could use a snack after all of this excitement anyway…" He purred deeply…before his smile began to widen, and his jaws parted…fangtips dripping with generous amounts of saliva, cords of drool stretching between his upper and lower teeth as he opened wide, revealing to the human her new dwelling place. At least for a time.

Samira continued to scowl….though some of her rage filled bravado began to fade as she found herself peering into the giant's huge maw….his gullet a dark void at the back of his throat….just waiting for her….
She'd seen the sight before…….but…something about It chilled her every time. Stirred up some primal terror within her…for shadow weaver or not…she was still a human.
And humans and giants had been at odds from the beginning of time. Or so the legends told.

But right now, legends were the last thing she could think about as she found herself brought closer and closer to the giant's gaping mouth.

"F-Finnigan…" She growled in warning, but it did nothing to stop or even slow the faron, and the human gave a squeaky yelp when instead, she was suddenly tossed forward into his jaws. In the same manner one would toss a grape into their mouth. She yelped again, landing with a bounce atop the plane of muscle that made up the faron's massive tongue.  "Oh gods.." her bravado failed her some as she lifted her head to find herself staring at the fleshy, muscular wall that made up the back of the giant's throat….the lobe of flesh that dangled at the back of his mouth hanging down less than 2 feet away from her now……

And then the purring began. The deep, boneshaking rumble that nearly knocked her over right at first from the pure force of it, until she adjusted and she scowled fiercely and pushed herself up to take a swing at the beast's uvula, smacking it with her open hand…………watching it bob and swing in response…but to no effect on the giant aside from making him chuckle.

"Grah! Wh-what?!" the human started to swing again, only to feel the "floor" beneath her shift, and the tongue rolled, shoving her away from the giant's throat and more towards the center of his jaws.

"Oioi, play nice, girly….what'd my poor uvula ever do t'deserve yer hatred??"  Finngan's voice rumbled louder than ever now since she was stuck in his drool filled mouth…

"It's attached to YOU, that's what!" She snapped, grimacing in disgust as she rolled onto her back and pushed herself up, shaking drool and goop from her fingertips in a gooey, stringy mess. "J-just lemme outta here, giant! Perhaps we can hold a discussion like civil people and reach an agreement………??"

The giant laughed…causing Samira to have to clap her hands over her ears to guard them from the booming laughter. But protected ears or not, it still shook her up and sent her bouncing across the faron's tongue.

"Oh certainly~ because civil people enjoy dropping from tha ceiling and tryin t'slit a fella's throat in his own home, eh?~" He purred around her. "oioi no…I can tell yer still bent on tryin t'kill me, girly…I know that much……..and I want my snack anyway~" he finished with a wriggle of his pierced tongue, chuckling a he rolled the slayer about, humming happily at her sweet flavor…the typical salty aftertaste that all humans had accompanying it in a delightfully rich flavor.  "Mmmmmmmmmmm~"

"But I don't WANT to be a fucking snack!"…the slayer snarled, but had to fight back yelps and screams as she was tossed about here and there, the giant's tongue rolling around her…..and she began to get a good idea of how those delicious little hard candies must feel when they're suckled on.
"M-meh!...But!....." her protests were cut off though as the brute began to purr again…and she was pushed up against the roof of his mouth, his tongue sliding over her, squishing against her…and she sputtered.
Oooooohhhh what she wouldn't give to have her sword right now….she would gladly cut his damn tongue right out!

But her murderous thoughts were quickly dashed when the bed of saliva slicked muscle lowered enough to release her….but it slanted into a sort of slope….a slippery slide leading right back into the giant's throat.

"N-No!...NO! I'm NOT going down there again, Finnigan!!" the slayer howled madly, fighting to try and claw her way back up his tongue, but with all the tasting…he'd built up so much saliva, it was hard to hold onto anything here. And she gradually felt herself beginning to slip back…he more she fought, the quicker she seemed to slide….until her feet slipped past the back of his tongue………and down into the void of his throat.

"Oh yes you are~" the faron singsonged around her, not caring that she was nearly in his throat by now as he spoke. "Going to be so delightful, curled up in my belly~" He purred happily.

He and the slayer had met before…this was actually their fourth meeting~
Each time Samira had been determined to slay him, though, of course events ALWAYS changed~…and for one reason or another….he'd always managed to escape a very painful death at the hands of the shadow weaver.
First time had been because he'd saved her life from a particularly moody dragon…and the second time had been because he'd won…and made her swear to let him live until they met again…the third time he'd let her go without enjoying her as a snack…but not without a taste~ Oh no…he couldn't do without that~ she was far too delicious a human to pass by without a taste….

Which was why he was enjoying it now~ but his empty stomach was demanding something to fill it….even if the snack was only temporary and indigestible~
He didn't think he could eat the slayer for real at this point….after 3 times of sparing her, it seemed wrong to try and kill her now….besides, for all her snark and moodiness, he found himself almost fond of the growly little slayer….
She did seem bent on destroying him though. Which was such a pity. A good part of him still wished she would consider a friendship….he wasn't so terrible, really…


Samira scowled up towards the roof of the giant's mouth as he tipped his head back and she smacked at his tongue. "Quit sounding so damn happy! I don't wana be stuck in your stinky, filthy belly again you horrible brute!!"

If she would have been able to see the wilt in the giant's ears or the hurt expression on his face at her words …she MIGHT have felt a little bad for them. Just a tiny bit. But considering the fact that she was currently slipping into his throat, she didn't give a troll's ass how pouty he looked.

And the giant didn't really care how much she wanted out either. So…he tipped his head back all the way, feeling the human slide clear back into his throat…before he swallowed with a booming –Gulp-  and gave a satisfied "ahhh~" as he felt her slip down deeper into his body on her way to his grumbling stomach.

Samira held nothing back as far as curses went as she was sucked down the giant's throat….and within seconds…she dropped down to land in the pit of his stomach with an unceremonious bounce…and a splat.
"GRAHHHHHHHHH!!!" She growled in an almost beastial manner once she settled atop the spongy lining of the giant's stomach, her glowing form casting light all around her fleshy pink prison…leaving not a single shadow for her to try and grasp. "I HATE you Finnigan!...HATE YOU!" she growled and gave one of the walls a solid kick….before growling and flopping down across the floor. She would simply have to wait until he tired of his indigestible snack and coughed her back up. It could be an hour…it could be a day

But while the human raged, the faron purred, rubbing at his middle with a smug, satisfied smile that was only disrupted for a moment when the woman kicked at him and he gave a small –urp- in reply. He then purred and continued to rub at his stomach…
"oi~ Gods….I actually missed ya, slayer~…..Glad ya dropped by t'try an kill me again~"
-non-consensual, non-fatal M/f vore-

Woohoo~ Writing.....yay~ =w=

Older piece, written because *inkyqilin had requested some ornery noms with Finn.
Bwahaha~ I do enjoy writing Finn's more evil's not as common of a trait in him...but it's fun when it does come out.

Set in an AU where these two aren't exactly so fluffy.........well, Finn might wish they were...but Samira wants nothing more than to stab a sword through his massive heart. He's a terrible, village stomping, peasant devouring monster after all....
Or so she believes. Probably not too far from the truth though, in all
Of course Finn thinks differently.

Fear not though, our little slayer is fine....the big brute couldn't bring himself to kill her...even if she still plans to try and put an end to
Oh...and in this AU Sam is called a "Shadow Weaver"..meaning she literally draws her power through magic in darkness...kinda creepy sounding, I know, but...really quite powerful...And she's a good guy. Kinda. lol. Depending on whether or not you're a giant/dragon/troll etc.

Hope you enjoy this madness...

Samira (c) the Miraculous :iconinkyqilin:
Finnigan (c) Me~
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VENTREX0011 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Um she might wanna stay away from me, or not, we both have a bad attitude, we might be friends (although maybe not, I am a dragon, neutral or not XDDD)
Jessica-Rae-3 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, dearie. =w= That was actually a fun read. I more so like reading and writing vore scenes to be honest compared to drawing. Mostly because I can get ill easily when actually looking at the insides of a creature...unless I'm thinking like Ajarhmi at the moment. :lol: Then I'd be fine and not grossed out. Well done with this one. ^_^ It's an interesting verse you two put together.
DesirePassion Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013

Oh okay so this story answered the question I had on my last comment. XD

I definitely enjoy the madness. :) Thank you for sharing your work.
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
lol my pleasure...^///^ I'm just touched that you enjoy that madness~ XD
fangsbrown Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Samira's awesome i love her lol
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012
Haha she is really awesome~ Such an epic character...She's pretty much my favorite of all of :iconinkyqilin:'s charries :3
Osric90 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Professional Writer
Well, I can see where Sam's coming in wanting to end him... but by now she should have learned her lesson and come up with a plan to counter him. XD
Even if... I guess that the thing does kinda go both ways... after having been spared four times (no matter how ornerily) it might be a tad more hard to strike a killing blow so...
Hmm... I think I just had... an IDEA! *w*
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
Lol I still think your sequel summed these two up perfectly~ >3
Osric90 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Professional Writer
Thanks, thanks... you're too kind. ^///^
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
Pfft~ only telling the truth, boyo~ XD you and your wizardly writing powers! @3@
Mouthman-Prophecy Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, another masterfully written tale of vore. I always look forward to your works as they come out. Beautifully realistic dialogue and of course the best structural descriptions of the inside of the mouth, throat and stomach. I really enjoy your descriptions, so visual and free with a high degree of imaginative realism. My descriptions always come out like a medical text, so clinical.
Again excellent work!
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
oh shush~ you're far too kind ;//w//; thank you!~
justencase Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Student General Artist
oh mai~ Finnigan can be so ornery~ <3 love his gentleman side but this was awesome to see as well >w< such a interesting dynamic between these two :3
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
lol he most definitely does have an ornery streak to him...TwT;; heh...but he's still very much so a noble sort for the most part~ :3
le-petit-claudine Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I love this so soooo much x3 finn and san are the best cople ever!!x3
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
D'awwwwwww~ >//w//< you're too kind...;//w//;
le-petit-claudine Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
asdf you know that I just loveeeeee finn and sam and tyre. I know you have other characters and I love them as well but they are just sooo lovely >3<
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
D'aaaaaaaaaww~ you're far too kind, my dear ;//w//;
le-petit-claudine Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
asdf not really but thanks anyway >////////////////<
inkyqilin Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love this story to bits~ XD All the ornery noms that happen between these two... it's too cute~ >w<
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
Fufufu~ you know it! >w< They wouldn't be complete without the noms XD
MicroNekoGirlPur Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
it's a bit of a good change to see them at such odd's like this.
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
Lol it's different right??
MicroNekoGirlPur Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
yea. usually even when they fight or something it turn's out to be harmless or training or something. but she was serious. but i like the change. she never win's... not even once. kind of hard to though agains't a hundred foot giant though... but still. she never get's to! and he never fail's to tease her about either.
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
Lol well, actually there have been a few times where Sam HAS beaten one of the guys..;w; and it's never a pretty thing. They tend to get their butts handed to them pretty hardcore. But...well, let's face it..we're GT and vore lovers here...XD; we like it when the giant wins so we can get some that's why poor Sam usually gets the short end of the stick in these little drabbles.
MicroNekoGirlPur Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
we may love it. but come on... a girl has to win at some point. and a win we can see. or read. either way.... it's more fun seeing a girl take down a giant. especially when you get to see how badly they get their but's kicked. and they finally learn that size isn't everything. and then they kiss and make up. or nom and make up.
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
Lol..but, see...if Sam wins...there would be no noms TwT; or kisses...
MicroNekoGirlPur Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
she's gotta win at least once in a while though.... even i gotta admit that. and i love reading you're nom stuff. and who say's that if she does win she doesn't let them afterward's? after they admit she won. cause everyone need's a little humility once in a while. even giant's. no, especially giant's.
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
oi, what I'm saying is that in the verses where she would genuinely kick their butts and beat them to the ground, are the verses where they're not lovers or friends ;//w//;'' they're enemies...sooooo...there wouldn't be much fluff to be had after that, I'm afraid. And the guys could possibly be dead...@3@;
(1 Reply)
Felina-Faerlaingal Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
For once they don't really start on a good feet... But somehow i can see it work all the same... With Finn being stubborn, and San finally getting around the whole 'rampaging giant' stuff... XD

Very niece piece, though there is a difference with the newest stuff... the style is slightly less good... you really got better with time, but that's a given ^^
It's sill awesome though ^^
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012, well this piece isn't THAT old...maybe about a month or so.
But thanks, I guess.

Lol it might work out. Who knows~ Probably, knowing these two...
mistress0minx Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Professional General Artist
Ah! I loves!!
KaijuGroupie Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
Haha~ thank you ^///^
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