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December 28, 2012
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A sigh of relief escaped the young gypsy…even as her world was consumed with the view of the giant's teeth; deadly fangs snapping together to seal her away within the humid cavern. Darkness taking over.
It should have meant her death…and by all rights, it truly should have been…

But…this was different.

She could hear the snarl in the captain's voice as it boomed around her, his tongue vast and hot and slimy as it moved to form words, causing her to slide and bounce about the toothy cave as his orders were given.

This was a much better fate then the one the others would have given her. So much better…

The others would have been merciless, stealing the most sacred of gifts from her…probably repeatedly, until they tired of her presence and ended her life…or tossed her overboard for the sharks…

The very thought of it made her stomach churn once more and she trembled to think of how close she'd been.

And speaking of stomachs…

She squeaked when the tongue beneath her suddenly lurched, arching to send her sliding back …backwards to the pulsing entrance of the giant's massive gullet. But the muscle shifted, curling to give her another lick…to steal another taste…but it was not rough nor intrusive. It was almost…tender. A gentle caress that turned the growls to a rumbling purr in the mighty throat behind her.

Samira merely smiled, rubbing her fingers over the large tongue…a silent show of gratitude. A simple "thank you"…

He'd come for her, just as he'd promised.

The tongue slipped over her one final time, leaving her thoroughly coated in the thick, sticky saliva that flooded the giant's maw. It was not a pleasant smelling liquid…but she knew it was very needed and she did not fight as the world tipped and she found herself quickly sliding back, right into the soft squelching embrace of the beast's gullet.

It was hot and overwhelmingly humid. She could feel sweat forming on her brow to mingle with the drool as she slid downwards some…but her people were used to the warmer climates and while the air here was a bit stale and the stench of past meals still lingered, it did feel a bit like the warm, balmy summer days that she remembered from her childhood. It was comforting.

She only smiled as the living walls around her flexed and rippled…and she found herself swallowed. Alive and whole. Tugged downwards towards the giant captain's belly…

Lunch for a pirate. That's what she was now…

But while the thought made her weep as she was pushed and tugged further downwards…they were tears of relief and joy.
Even as she dropped down to land with a bounce and splash into the great brute's belly, she laughed through her tears.

She was alive…

It seemed as if her relief would be short lived, what with being trapped in the stomach of a giant, left to wallow about in the remains of whatever he'd eaten last…but the meal would pass along soon enough and she would remain.
The simple necklace that she wore about her neck would ensure that. A modest little trinket that looked to have no value or worth, a simple little wood carving hung from a leather cord…but it held within it powerful charms that would keep her safe…guarded from even the potent acids that shared this place with her now.

The gypsy moved, her bangles and chimes still attached, jingling and clinking musically as she staggered over the churning floor, stumbling several times before finally managing to bump against the wall.

The organ around her gurgled and groaned, pulsing as it worked to finish the meal and move it along…so she could be left in peace. He knew she greatly disliked sharing the space with anything but air.

A smile found its way to her lips, the last few tears slipping from her eyes as she curled up against the wall…not minding the thick mucus that clung to her as she did. She was warm...and safe. That was what mattered most.

She felt the world rock and churn about her…the captain's voice continuing to boom and roar as he took care of the scum who'd stolen her…she could hears shouts and screams and cannon shot in the distance…muffled, but unmistakable.

Those bastards should have known better.

Stealing from pirates was dangerous enough…stealing from Faron pirates…well, that was a deathwish.

Especially when it was the captain's most prized treasure.

A grim smile graced her face as she closed her eyes. A portion of her pitied the men…but really..they'd brought this all upon themselves. Did they really believe they could get away with it?

She yawned, curling up against the rippled walls, tucking herself against the strong muscles even as the captain continue to growl and snarl…it would all be over soon enough…

Her world faded to black as she slept…and it wasn't until she felt the room around her jump that she woke.

It was dry now, well…dry as a stomach could be…the meal having passed on. But she blinked in the darkness, squeaking as again the walls jumped and she found herself jettisoned up into the tight hold of the giant's throat once more to be brought back up.

It was uncomfortable as always and she grunted as the spongy  walls pressed and kneaded at her, slowly bringing her up….until she was free, coughed up to tumble across the giant's tongue as he cleared his throat and caught his own breath.

"Oi….sorry about that, lass…" The apology rumbled around her, teeth parting as he spoke, letting light flash in with each word.

"It's a-alright…I'm perfectly fine." She smiled, carefully scooting forward, squinting in the light as his fangs parted wider this time and she was greeted with the sight of an enormous palm…a hand held to his lips for her to climb into.

Samira wasted no time in clambering over his bottom teeth and lip to roll out into his palm…laughing as she flopped down into the hollow.
"Oh gods, that was close…..I was beginning to wonder if you were going to hold true and come for me." She smiled with a laugh, pushing herself up onto her elbows and brushing a slimy curl back out of her eyes as she looked up to the massive man holding her in his hand.

He was a giant among his own kind, tall and strong, with hair the shade of a blood red sun and green eyes that danced and shone like the warm waters of the tropics. He was fierce…but handsome.

"Sorry, Sammy…we were a bit held up by some…ehhhh…problems." He smiled sheepishly, a blush covering his face and making the freckles on his nose pop out a bit more visibly as he rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand. "Seems tha bastards stole our wind crystals…Kai had t'whip up a new one." He sighed and rolled his eyes. "Ye know how dramatic he can be when forced t'work under pressure. Especially when tha life of a friend is on tha line…I thought he was gonna murder a few of m'own men in all his fury." He shook his head with a frightened expression over the memory.

Samira laughed… "Oh gods…that bad, eh?"

"Pretty much.." The giant shrugged with another smile…before holding his free hand over her and chanting the charm to clean and dry her off, pulling away the layers of slime and mucus to leave her dry and relatively clean once more. "Oi…just glad yer alright, lass…" His tone turned more serious, brilliant green eyes dulling some as he looked down at her, his long ears dipping back almost sadly. "Was worried we mighta been t'late…"

The gypsy gave a happy hum to be dry again and she looked up to the captain, her own violet eyes softening to see the worry that dwelled in his gaze. It HAD been awfully close. The human captain had already tied her to his bed and was advancing when Tyrenan had managed to rip the roof away and crush the bastard under his fist….leaving the pervert a mere blood stain on the planks.

"I say that I began to wonder if you'd come in a teasing manner, Finn.." She rubbed at the immense palm beneath her as she smiled up at him reassuringly. "I never once doubted that you and the others would come for me~ I knew you would…"  She winked up at the captain, tugging a smile out from him once ore and she found herself raised up closer to his massive face.

"OI…'course we would, lass…yer our lil gypsy. MY lil gypsy~" His purrs took on a growling tone as he nuzzled against her curls with the very tip of his nose, thrumming deeply in his chest as he kissed at her ever so tenderly.

Samira melted against him, humming happily as she kissed at the giant's lips in return…more than a simple fondness having taken root between them in her year of being captive of the Faron Pirates…

Though she was hardly a captive any longer…

Finnigan had opened the door for her to leave long ago…but she'd chosen to stay. The crew here, while oversized, loud, hungry and ornerier than a pack of schoolboys, they were her family now…and she did not wish to bid farewell to a single one of them. Same as they felt for her~

"Yes~ Always your little gypsy, Cap'n…" She waggled her eyebrows and kissed his upperlip once more…humming in bliss as the giant captain's purrs rumbled against her.

Yes…this was and would forevermore be her home……

She was a pirate now~
100 Themes Challenge -
Challenge # 7- Pirates
Characters: Samira, Finn and mentions of Tyre and Kai
Random Pirate!verse

Contains consensual, non-fatal, soft M/f vore....if ya don't like it...don't read it =w=

Just something I derped out last night...
Still sick with the flu so I've been lounging on the couch or in bed for the past 2 days OTL oh well...been able to catch up on some videogames and get a little doodling and writing done.

Just a random piratey verse ;w; might dabble with it more. later on..we'll see...

Hope you enjoy the nommage and fluff and crud~ lol

Samira (c) the lovely :iconmythrilmog:
Finn, Kai & Tyre (c) me
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